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Worker's Compensation Eligibility

01 May 2020 12:40 PM | WPCA Admin (Administrator)

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has provided information for employers and employees about worker's compensation due to contracting COVID-19. For an employee to collect worker's compensation, a few rules apply:

  • For coronavirus to be covered by worker's compensation it must be established that contracting the disease was work-related. In other words there must be evidence to prove that contracting coronavirus arose out of your employment while you were performing services growing out of and incidental to your employment.
  • A work-related injury due to COVID-19 must be supported by a specific diagnosis by a physician or by a positive COVID-19 test.

DWD also states an employer's worker's compensation insurance policy should be kept in place if an employer furloughs employees, but the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau will not charge a worker's compensation premium if workers continue to receive their wages despite not currently working.

To view the DWD FAQs and guidance from the WI Compensation Rating Bureau, please click the links below:

DWD FAQs on Workers Compensation During COVID-19

WI Compensation Rating Bureau COVID-19 FAQs

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